The Trial of Josie K

JOSIE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON. Josie doesn't know what's going on. She goes to the meetings, she answers the questions, she’s doing everything they ask, but still, nothing she does is right. Sometimes adults just don’t make any sense. Who is the man in the suit anyway, and why on earth does he want her to throw a custard pie at him? Join Josie K as she finds herself caught up in an absurd situation, and needs her best mate Becca and all her courage to find her way out. Inspired by Kafka’s The Trial, this is a story of defiance, the power of friendship and finding hope, even in a world where no one has explained the rules.

Unicorn Theatre
Movement Director

Creative Team

  • Leigh Toney


  • Katie Hims


  • Rose Revitt


  • Sundeep Saini

    Movement Director

  • Elliot Griggs

    Lighting Designer

  • Beth Duke

    Composer & Sound Designer

  • Mark Senior

    Production Photographer

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About Sunny

Sundeep Saini

Sundeep Saini is a movement director and choreographer passionate about driving narrative through physicality. She has worked with; children from 3 years old up to adults, community ensembles and professional companies, actor-musicians, classical actors and musical theatre performers, people with and without disabilities and strives to push them all to reach their full potential in both technique and performance.

She is a creative with a keen focus on embedding a movement vocabulary into a piece and strives to build character, narrative, musicality and production style whilst pushing the boundaries of choreography and movement.