Christmas Allsorts

A delightfully traditional family variety show, wrapped up in tinsel, with a bit of everything we love about the very best time of the year.

Queens Theatre Hornchurch
Movement Director & Choreographer

This glamorous and brightly coloured selection box of music, dance and comedy is made in Hornchurch especially for a family audience. It includes yuletide tunes from films and musicals, as well popular Christmas pop songs, alongside classic and new festive sketches.

Creative Team

  • Douglas Rintoul


  • Tom Self

    Musical Director

  • Sundeep Saini

    Movement Director & Choreographer

  • Stephen Pemble

    Lighting Designer

Production Trailer

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About Sunny

Sundeep Saini

Sundeep Saini is a movement director and choreographer passionate about driving narrative through physicality. She has worked with; children from 3 years old up to adults, community ensembles and professional companies, actor-musicians, classical actors and musical theatre performers, people with and without disabilities and strives to push them all to reach their full potential in both technique and performance.

She is a creative with a keen focus on embedding a movement vocabulary into a piece and strives to build character, narrative, musicality and production style whilst pushing the boundaries of choreography and movement.