Brown Girls Do It To

A celebration of brown British women, genital warts and all.

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Movement Director

Fierce, funny, and wonderfully frank, Poppy and Rubina have sex and they aren’t ashamed to talk about it. Their critically acclaimed podcast Brown Girls Do It Too (‘Best Podcast of the Year’ British Podcast Awards 2020, Asian Media 2021), explores messy realities, fantasies, sexpectations and navigating life and relationships as British Asian women. 

Two seasons in, they have both amassed fans who love their honesty and openness (love a period sex sesh…anyone else?) and faced enormous backlash online for breaking the silence on sex in Asian communities.

Bringing their characteristic candour, quick wit and infectious personalities to the stage, Poppy and Rubina reflect on the seminal moments from their lives from first orgasms and loves, to racism and family politics. Expect songs, sketches, and some very graphic content!

Creative Team

  • Poppy Jay

    Writer & Performer

  • Rubina Pabani

    Writer & Performer

  • Sam Hodges


  • Aneesha Srinivasan


  • Rosanna Vize

    Set & Costume Designer

  • Sundeep Saini

    Movement Director

  • Bethany Gupwell

    Lighting Designer

  • Jasmin Kent Rodgman

    Sound Designer

  • Shivani Thussu

    Additional Writing

  • Pia Furtado


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About Sunny

Sundeep Saini

Sundeep Saini is a movement director and choreographer passionate about driving narrative through physicality. She has worked with; children from 3 years old up to adults, community ensembles and professional companies, actor-musicians, classical actors and musical theatre performers, people with and without disabilities and strives to push them all to reach their full potential in both technique and performance.

She is a creative with a keen focus on embedding a movement vocabulary into a piece and strives to build character, narrative, musicality and production style whilst pushing the boundaries of choreography and movement.